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20 cheap Christmas gifts for 2021


Budget-conscious gifts Even if product prices go up due to inflation, consumer spending remains strong. In October, retail sales …

Budget-conscious gifts

Even if product prices increase due to inflation, consumer spending remains strong. In October, retail sales increased 1.7% from the previous month and 16.3% from the previous year, according to the US Census Bureau. “This year we are facing some unusual headwinds when it comes to holiday shopping. Rising prices and supply chain issues mean consumers need to be ready to act when an item on their gift list becomes available or is guaranteed to ship on time, ”David wrote. Kender, editor-in-chief of Reviewed, in an email. “Do your research, then hit the ‘Buy’ button as soon as you feel confident. Check out these 20 Inexpensive Christmas and Holiday Gifts for 2021 to get started now.

For the sentimental: digital photo frame

Digital photo frames use Wi-Fi to display photos in your phone. Many digital frames allow multiple users to share photos on the screen, so that friends and family can add their own photos to the collection. Once shared with the frame, the screen displays a continuous slideshow of photos. Some executives may be easier for the less technologically savvy than others, but they make great gifts for grandparents and especially sentimental loved ones.

Try the AEEZO WiFi Digital Photo Frame, $ 88.

For the family: DNA health and ancestry kits

Family members may appreciate receiving a DNA kit that allows them to learn more about your common ancestors and even their own health. These services provide access to family records and allow users to learn more about their family tree at a variety of prices, from cheaper kits to comprehensive health and ancestry kits.

Try the 23 and Me Health + Ancestry Service, $ 99 or the AncestryDNA Kit, $ 59.

For the gardener: indoor plants

Add to your friend’s inner jungle with a new plant. Popular options include snake plants, Monstera plants, and pothos plants.

Try a potted plant from The Sill, like this snake plant.

For the competitor: group games

Board games are an inexpensive way to bring friends and family together. Catan, a board game in which players trade, build and settle in, is always a favorite. If you know that your friend or family member already enjoys a particular board game, consider giving them the expansion pack or bonus version of that game.

Try the Catan board game, $ 35.20 and the Catan board game expansion, $ 22.50.

For the chef: herb garden

Fresh herbs can make all the difference when preparing a five-star meal without running to the store for fresh flavors. Gift a simple herb garden kit or something more automated, depending on your price range.

Try the Back to the Roots Herb Garden Kit, $ 24.99, or the Click and Grow Smart Garden, $ 99.95.

For unique pieces: personalized gifts

The personalized gift options are endless on sites like Etsy, which allow customers to personalize everything from personalized cutting boards to monogrammed napkins.

Try this personalized return address stamp.

For the pet parent: pet accessories

Cold weather means it’s time to bundle up – for humans and pets alike. Treat your favorite parents to a winter sweater or boots for their furry friend.

Try this Frisco cable knit dog and cat sweater, $ 15.99.

For the owner: security camera

Whether you’re using a doorbell camera or an outdoor camera, it’s easier than ever to keep up with what’s going on at home when you’re away. For the owners in your life, consider donating one of these high quality, surprisingly inexpensive cameras for tracking package arrivals or checking pets.

Try this WYZE Cam v3, $ 35.98.

For wellness enthusiasts: journal

For friends who want more peace of mind and productivity, try donating a quality journal. Journals can be lined or dotted, guided or plain, depending on the needs of your loved one.

Try this five minute journal, $ 24.95.

For the distracted: Apple AirTag

One of the more affordable Apple items available is the Apple AirTag – a particularly good gift for the person in your life who is always looking for their keys or wallet. The AirTag can be engraved to enhance this gift.

Try the Apple AirTag, $ 29.

For the beauty guru: nail polish kit

Nail polish kits like the Olive & June Mani System make all the work of beautifully polished nails simple – and make it easier for donors. Pick either the winter set or from the bestseller list for a set that any beauty fan will love.

Try this Olive & June Winter Shades set, $ 80.

For the fixer: electric screwdriver

Everyone has a screwdriver, but the real pros use an electric alternative to speed up the job from start to finish. Look for an option that has great battery life and various settings to meet different needs.

Try this Worx WX240L 4V 3-Speed ​​Cordless Screwdriver, $ 45.12.

For the camper: bottle of water

A good bottle of water can change a life and help reduce plastic waste. Friends and family who enjoy hiking and being outdoors will benefit from a well-made bottle that can be reused over and over again.

Try this Hydro Flask, $ 44.95.

For the baker: apron

Every baker needs a good apron. Aim for a product that is affordable but still offers a thick material that can easily be washed off after cooking sessions.

Try this Williams Sonoma Classic Solid Apron for Adults and Kids, 24.95.

For new parents: meal delivery service

New parents probably need more time to rest and a good meal. Take the pressure off dinner time by offering a meal delivery service to make the first few months easier.

Try this box of Farm to People fresh produce, $ 25 or these Fresh Direct meals, price varies.

For the tech-savvy: Amazon Echo

Even if they already have one, your tech-savvy loved one might like another Alexa for extra rooms in their house. Add one in the bedroom or living room to activate information, music and smart home options throughout the home.

Try this Amazon Echo (4th gen), $ 99.99.

For the new friend: candles

Buying a gift for someone you barely know is a challenge. While candles may seem a bit basic, there are a few unique options that will be perfect for the holidays. Think soy candles and unique scents, like amber and moss or teak and tobacco.

Try these PF Candle Co. candles, $ 20.

For the sports fan: the jerseys

If sports tickets don’t fit into the budget, try gifting a favorite team’s jersey. These can be pricey, depending on the team and player’s name, so take a look at hoodies, pillows, and shorts as well.

Try on these Fanatics jerseys, the price varies.

For health enthusiasts: blender

Blenders can be quite expensive, but there are models that offer a single-serve smoothie option and won’t break after a few uses. These can be perfect for someone starting a new health journey and looking for nutritious meal options.

Try this Black + Decker Crush Master 10-speed blender, $ 24.99.

For fitness enthusiasts: foam roller

Foam rollers are inexpensive, but can relieve tension caused by a hard workout. These rollers can encourage muscle recovery and keep your loved one on track with their fitness program.

Try this 12-inch Amazon Basics High Density Round Foam Roller, $ 10.49.

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