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2022 NHL Draft Rankings: A Sneak Peek


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the 2021 NHL Draft has come and gone, and many teams have already held their post-draft development camp, getting a personal and up-close look at the players they’ve selected in their new jerseys. However, the search for new talent never stops and with this in mind we turn our attention to the talents that will be available in the 2022 NHL Draft. It may be early and there is still a full year of hockey to play, which will likely lead to a lot of movement between those rankings and where players will end up at the end of next season, but let’s throw in a shot anyway. eye and preview the 2022 NHL Draft.

Early 2022 NHL Draft Rankings

Due to the COVID pandemic, the 2021 class was very difficult to spot, with many leagues playing limited hours and some not even playing at all. This affected the 2022 class as we haven’t reviewed them as well as with a typical class at this time. That said, the 2022 draft appears to be exceptionally strong, especially at the top of the class. The 2022 NHL Draft will take place at the Bell Center in Montreal.

1.) Shane Wright, Center, Kingston Frontenacs, OHL, 6’1 ″ 187 lbs

At 15, Shane Wright played in the OHL as an exceptional player. Despite the shortening of the 2019-20 season due to the pandemic, he posted numbers that rivaled previous standouts Connor McDavid and John Tavares. He scored 39 goals and 66 points in 58 games. Wright led Team Canada to a gold medal in the IIHF Under-18s. He has scored nine goals and 14 points in just five tournament games.

It’s easy to see why Wright is seen as a future franchise player. He can do anything on the ice. He is an exceptional skater with excellent speed, acceleration, agility and balance. Wright combines this skating with all the offensive skills one would want. His stick handling is top notch and he can play games while moving at top speed. His shot is deadly accurate, has a ton of power, and he shoots it with a very quick release. Wright also has excellent vision and the ability to pass the puck through tight passing lanes. His hockey skills are excellent and he plays well without a puck.

Wright is already strong defensively as well. He is ready to play a physical match in all three zones. He also uses his hockey IQ to interrupt games and start the transition game.

2.) Brad Lambert, center / right wing, JYP, SM Liiga, 6’0 ″ 179 lbs

Son of Ross Lambert, a Canadian professional who went abroad to pursue his career after playing in the AHL, Brad Lambert was born in Finland. At 15, he made his Liiga debut in 2019. Last season, he scored seven goals and 15 assists in 46 games. He also played for Finland in the Under-18s (five points in five games) and at the World Juniors (four points in seven games).

Lambert is another outstanding skater and stick handler. His speed, acceleration, and ability to play with the puck while moving at that speed make him very dangerous in transition. Lambert has exceptional vision and playing ability. He controls play in the offensive zone, slowing it down or speeding it up and giving his teammates time to open up. When they do, he can quickly move his feet or make a quick hit with his stick to open a passing lane and create a scoring chance. Lambert has a good release on his shot and is precise. He will be looking to add power to that shot this year as he matures physically.

3.) Ivan Miroshnichenko, right / left winger, Omskie Yastreby, MHL, 6’1 ″ 185 lbs

The Russian winger was outstanding in the recent Ivan Hlinka Cup, commanding the Russian team for the gold medal and scoring four goals and nine points in five games. Miroshnichenko is another great skater who marries that with the ability to wield the stick to make plays. Defenders must respect his speed and back up so that they are not beaten wide. When they do, Miroshnichenko can use them as a screen and take his shot at the net. It has excellent power and very good release.

Miroshnichenko can also play the role of playmaker. He sees the ice well and anticipates what his teammates and opponents are going to do. Miroshnichenko can beat his opponents head-to-head, which allows him to open up passing lanes. He’s ready to be physical on the front failure and will take a hit to make a play. He also does a good job of getting the puck into dirty areas of the ice. The young Russian is expected to play in VHL this season, which will give him the opportunity to show his talents against the men.

4.) Simon Nemec, Right Defender, HK Nitra, Slovak League, 6’1 ″ 192 lbs

Nemec helped the Slovakian team win the silver medal at the recent Ivan Hlinka tournament. He scored one goal and six points in five games and was named tournament MVP. Nemec also had four points in five World Juniors games and one point in five World Juniors games. He also played against men in Slovakia, scoring two goals and 19 points in 37 games last year.

Nemec is an offensive defenseman who enjoys leading the rush and the power play quarterback. With his strong skating ability, he likes to pick up the pace and can always come back defensively. He has the vision and passing skills to prepare his teammates in transition as well as to lead the power play point. He also has good agility and his ability to walk the line helps him open up passing and shooting lanes.

Nemec has shown flashes of his defensive ability, but still struggles to move the puck out of the zone as well as face bigger and stronger opponents. This is not unusual considering he is a teenager playing against men. This improvement should come as he matures and gets stronger.

5.) Matthew Savoie, Center, Winnipeg Ice (WHL) and Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL), 5’10 “181 lbs

When the WHL season was delayed, Savoie went to play for Dubuque in the USHL. He has 21 goals and 38 points in 34 games. Savoie was part of the USHL Rookie All-Star Team. Savoie is a pure sniper. He has an exceptional flick. It has a lot of power, great precision and it gets away with a quick and deceptive release. Savoie is particularly dangerous when it comes in with a bang. He also has a very good shot. With his hands, he can quickly slide the toes before hitting the puck, fooling the keepers. Savoie also has a good shot on reception and a good backhand.

Savoie can also play the role of playmaker. His hands allow him to protect the puck in the cycle and beat defensemen one on one. His scoring ability can pull the defense towards him, opening up opportunities for his teammates to find open ice. When they do, Savoie can hit them with a quick pass to create a scoring chance. Savoie can continue to work on his speed and acceleration. His skating is very good right now, but there is room for improvement and that would make him even more dynamic.

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Main photo of the 2022 NHL Draft Rankings:

OSHAWA, ON – DECEMBER 5: Shane Wright # 51 of the Kingston Frontenacs skates with the puck during an OHL game against the Oshawa Generals at the Tribute Communities Center on December 5, 2019, in Oshawa, Ontario , Canada. (Photo by Chris Tanouye / Getty Images)


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