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A look at week 5 – and possible Royce Freeman and Sammy Watkins breakouts – the Athletic


This weekly column takes a look at next week’s games – not this week, but next week! – to find players with great, fantastic matches who could be highly sought-after waiver mics. You’ve got your head held high, so you can grab them before this weekend’s games start, beating everyone in the fist.

Week 5 is the last week before the weeks off start to affect the queues, which also means it’s the last week you can judge our results from afar.

You’re like all the ex-girlfriends who broke up with me. You’re gonna need me someday. You don’t know it now, but one day … Like you’re buried in an avalanche of nachos and you need someone to rush in and eat a tunnel to take cover … Then you’ll need to I would tell them.

Same thing here – you have plenty of options available on your roster right now, so things aren’t that difficult to maneuver. But when those weeks of farewell come to you like a street tough gang named The Van Buren Boys, you’re going to need our secret hand signals.

Review of my future waiver choices for week 3

Each week we will come back to my past suggestions and rate them as wins, big wins, losses or draws. A win indicates a good pick-up that posted starting points at its position (top-12 QB, top-30 RB, top-30 WR, top-12 TE, top-12 K and top-12 DST), despite having been recovered the waiver thread as free waste. A “big win” indicates a player who landed among the top scorers in his position that week or had a huge increase in ownership for any other reason (he is also counted as a wins). A loss indicates a major hole in your roster that has cost you more than it has helped you. A tie indicates a player who has put in correct replacement numbers, but not enough to be assets in your lineup. An incomplete is if a player is injured before or during the game.


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