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A quick look at the best Penn State Gameday clothing


What Really Makes a Penn State Gameday? Is it the food? To stay extra hydrated with your best friends? Experience the best stadium atmosphere in the county? Or, could it just be the outfit?

If you said outfit, then Downtown State College is for you. From matching sets to fun Hawaiian shirts, you’ll find the Penn State fit of your dreams that you’re likely to have Blackout make the best memories.

Here are some of our best finds downtown.

Penn State Dude Jersey

If you’re a Penn State niggaâ„¢, then you will probably be caught wearing a swimsuit. You can find quite a large collection of jerseys. Those pictured here are from Lion & Cub.

Cool Penn State Certified Dude

There’s a guy from Penn Stateâ„¢ and then there is a Costs Penn State Dudeâ„¢. What separates them you ask? A Hawaiian shirt, of course. Run, don’t walk, at McLanahan for this beauty pictured above.

Side note: Hawaiian shirts don’t come cheap. As the guy standing next to me said, “F * ck. $ 138 for that? ”

The sweetness of the home

The next shirt in our ranking is this super soft shirt. Do I expect basic college girls to wear this? No, but I think it’s a good reminder that State College will always feel right at home, especially during football season.

Life is beautiful dog shirt

It was just cute. I don’t know, man.

Matching set

Who says you have to be uncomfortable this football season? I found this at Lions Pride and almost immediately stung it. It was very sweet. Plus, it’s an adjustment you could pull off even after tailgating season is over.

lion paw

State College has such a strange obsession with this design. I think it’s starting to wear down, but I still think it’s smart. It’s creative and appeals to the good crowd of crazy seltzer students. As they say, there are no laws when it comes to drinking claws! (Read: There are indeed laws).

Tube tops

I couldn’t pick just one, so here’s a whole rack of tubular tops at Family Clothesline. They have been a staple of tailgating season since the beginning of time. My mom would yell at me for wearing this, but go to Family Clothesline and go crazy.

JoePa Hat

I once asked my mom who Joe Paterno in the middle of the Penn State bookstore was? Yes. Would I wear this hat to pay tribute to a football icon? Also, yes. 409 forever, baby.

The perfect crop top

I found this at Lion and Cub and didn’t hesitate to buy it. It’s the perfect amount of crop without feeling like you’re wearing no clothes. Plus, the shiny silver outline really makes it POP. You’ll see me in there on Saturday (sorry, mom).

Dana is a red shirt recruit, studying public relations. She’s from 570 and her favorite office quote is “DID I STUTTER”. His passions in life include drinking unsweetened iced tea and spreading his love for farming (yee haw)! Have Dana storm the pitch at White Out 2016, as it was her climax. Send pictures of cows or complaints to [email protected]


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