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Adirondack Thunder Teases Dan Flashes Shirt Inspired Hockey Jersey



  • ECHL’s Adirondack Thunder released incredible concept art for a jersey inspired by the Dan Flashes jersey Tim Robinson wore I think you should go
  • The jerseys are not currently for sale, but the team have hinted they are exploring potential options
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It’s been two years since Netflix launched the first season of I think you should go on an unsuspecting world and ended up with a pretty unexpected blow to the hands thanks to the insanely quotable and endlessly GIFable sketches from the brilliantly twisted mind of Tim Robinson.

Robinson had already spent a few years honing his acting skills while working on Saturday Night Live before turning his attention to the underrated criminals Detroiters, the Comedy Central sitcom that was at the top of an undercurrent of surreal absurdism that serves as a cornerstone of the Netflix project it turned its attention to after its cancellation.

Most of the sketches of I think you should go Focus on the show’s creator playing a character at the center of the kind of social situations that would make you physically uncomfortable if you witnessed them in real life. This includes one of the highlights of season two where a reunion regarding a corporate merger goes off the rails courtesy of Robinson’s character Mike, a guy absolutely in love with a ‘badass menswear store. “Called” Dan Flashes “specializing in shirts. sporting incredibly intricate designs.

In the sketch, Robinson wears a shirt designed specifically for the series with an aesthetic inspired by a Windows XP screensaver. hockey jersey inspired by sons.

It looks like the minor league hockey team invented the design as a joke, but they teased that there was a chance they could produce them after several people inquired about getting their hands on one.

I like to think they’ll end up selling the jerseys for $ 150, but I’d gladly throw someone down the stairs for the right to pay even more if that’s what it takes to get one.

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