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A’s intrepid Vegas explorers shame Lewis and Clark


John Fisher and Dave Kaval, the A’s owner and team chairman, respectively, are modern day Lewis & Clarkes on steroids.

Missed the story, but I’m pretty sure Lewis and Clark were sent to explore the western United States because America wanted to expand into Mexico, but Mexico didn’t. offered a fair deal, making unreasonable demands for affordable housing. In negotiating this agreement, our country decided to explore parallel paths, sending L & C to the West.

Nice guys, Lewis & Clark, but they only did a lousy trip. The A explorers made five. Compared to Fisher & Kaval, Lewis & Clark were tourists in Bermuda shorts.

F&K hit Vegas on Wednesday and returned to Oakland on Friday, in time for A’s game against the Yankees that night.

The purpose of Expedition # 5 was to broaden the horizons of the team, adding at least one new site to the more than 20 sites discovered by the Oakland explorers.

There is an element of desperation in their search. The Colosseum site is shrinking, possibly due to global warming. The Coliseum once had 9,000 parking spots, but for a recent home game against the Giants, thousands of those parking spots were gone, forcing many fans to park off-site or stand in line for hours.

Kaval said this was an example of “operational challenges” at the Colosseum, showing “(Why) A’s need a new baseball stadium in an urban site where parking can be dispersed, as well as additional options for public transport, bicycles and pedestrians. “

Sure. When you go to a soccer game, concert, mall, or department store, the last thing you want is to park right next to the place. You want to go to the neighborhood in search of a scattered parking space. We too can be adventurous explorers!

Meanwhile, Oakland officials say the city and the A’s are very close to a deal. A minor sticking point is which party will pay the $ 360 million for a community fund. Rock Paper Scissors?

Until this minor detail is sorted out, Vegas is calling, and A’s fans will remember Sacagawea’s reaction, when Lewis and Clark told him the expedition would continue to the far coast: “Seriously?”

Deep thoughts, low blows and good words. . .

• Raiders against 49ers in the last exhibition game on Sunday is all about the money. Pulling more dough out of an empty drive set, despite the safety risks. Hopefully both teams and the NFL won’t regret their greed. Security will be stepped up, but it’s not just about numbers. It won’t be an event for the mall cops.

• It’s a race between 49ers George Kittle and Trent Williams to see who can speak most highly to the media about a given teammate. Based on their quotes, the 49ers have the two best quarterbacks in the league. (Mental note: ask Kittle and Williams if they will be speaking at my funeral.)

• It is never pleasant to read that a superstar or his heirs auction off symbols of greatness, championship rings and MVP trophies. It is always explained that the money will go to charity, or fund the player’s comfortable retirement, or help his family. But it still seems wrong and sad.

• Here’s an idea for the NFL: Put all unvaccinated players on a new team, called the Freedom Fighters. Every Sunday, tell the Freedom Fighters that their match is called off due to COVID issues and that they’ve won a forfeit victory. At the end of the season, announce on a murky website that the Freedom Fighters have been declared Super Bowl Champions by default. The players on the team will believe it, because they believe everything they read on the internet. The rest of the NFL players can play football. Everybody is happy.

• Aren’t you glad the Giants didn’t puncture Trevor Bauer’s tires while he was in play? (Didn’t they? Please tell me they didn’t.)

• Will baseball writers bother to vote for the American League MVP? It would be embarrassing for a player other than Shohei Ohtani to get even one vote for the top spot. There’s a word for Ohtani this season: Ichiban. It means # 1, first, the best. It is also a tasty beer.

• Please join the movement to have the chess call out of baseball. The base umpire making the call flips a coin, mentally, because he has no slow-motion replay in his brain. And who cares? The batter didn’t swing, so it’s not a swing. The dumbest rule in sports.

• Why do the purest sports, such as swimming, gymnastics, and rowing, sometimes attract the most unpleasant coaches? The latest: Cal and Olympic rowing coach Mike Teti. To verify this story by Janie McCauley of AP.

• I avoid the Little League World Series, preferring to limit my exposure to youngsters to drive them off my lawn. One more reason: LLWS teams no longer proudly display their city’s name on their jerseys. Each jersey says “Little League”. I guess the name on the back of each jersey is “CHILD”.

Scott Ostler is a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @scottostler

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