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Charity Pink Game returns to UW-Stevens Point // WJFW Newswatch 12


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Photo by Cooper Henckel

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Local News Published 09/17/2021 04:25 PM, Last update 09/17/2021 07:03 PM

Stevens Point – A charity football game returns to Stevens Point this weekend with cookies, new jerseys and the same old mission.

“This is the 11th pink game that we are hosting here at UWSP,” said head football coach Greg Breitbach.

The Pink Game was canceled last year due to the pandemic. Launched during a previous coach’s tenure, the Pink Game was named after the pink uniforms players wear to promote breast cancer awareness in October. Pointers version expanded to include all types of cancer and moved to mid-September

“In 11 years this university, the Schierl Corporation, the Pink Game, has raised over half a million dollars in the fight against cancer,” said Breitbach.

The game starts at 2 p.m. at Goerke Park. There will be contests and events there. You can also buy your own pink jersey.

“During the match there will be a representative of our opponent,” said Breitbach. “This year it’s UW-Stout. They have a recipient who is a cancer survivor who will receive a check that they will donate to the community of Menmoinee to help with cancer research and fight cancer itself. . “

A donation will also be presented to a Stevens Point beneficiary, ensuring that the impact of the charity game will be felt locally for both parties on the pitch.

“Unites our community, unifies our sports department, unifies a lot of different people,” said Breitbach. “It’s a good cause that adds football to it.”

Zest Bakery and Coffeehouse made special Pink Game cookies, selling them around campus all week. Owner Jacob Marchant says supporting the community is part of their business. They regularly spotlight local causes and charities, developing specialized latte boards for them. This year also introduced another new element to the Pink Game: personalized names on the jerseys.

“Jacob Klatkiewicz went to see Tim Schierl’s wife, she brought it to Tim, and Tim thought it was a great idea to add that element to this year’s game,” said Breitbach.

Each player will have a different name on the back than usual. They each chose someone in their own life with cancer, whether they were still around watching or not.

“I think it will be really cool if each of our players can honor the person on the back of their jersey with their game on Saturday,” said Breitbach.


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