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From Stanford to Michigan to Syracuse, a panel with university sports journalists – The Athletic


One of the articles I really enjoyed doing for the Sports Illustrated website came five years ago when I was the organizer of a 12-person college sports journalists panel. It offered excellent insight into the life of a college sports reporter – and most of the group has since entered the media business, including ESPN’s Malika Andrews, USA Today investigative reporter Callie Caplan. , Kenny Jacoby, digital content producer for NFL.com. Jelani Scott and my colleague from The Athletic, Charlotte Carroll.

I thought it would be interesting for the readers of The Athletic to pick up the article, so I recruited six students from across the country who are currently working as sports writers for a college publication. Panel members could choose not to answer all the questions they wanted and use answers as short or long as they wanted (we’ve changed the length slightly). I encourage you to follow them on the links in their bio below and greatly appreciate their time.

The panel:

Kizziah Lane, senior, Michigan. Sports editor for the Michigan Daily specializing in public policy with a minor in writing.

Erika LeFlouria, senior, Florida State University. Assistant sports editor for FSView and Florida Flambeau and specializes in media and communication studies with a minor in English.

Jack marshall, junior, University of Montana.


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