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Future Caps learns to play a growth model


There is nothing like a Stanley Cup to generate buzz within a community, especially among children. When the Washington Capitals won it in 2018, they immediately saw growth throughout their youth hockey program.

Caps Youth Hockey covers a 75 mile radius that includes DC, Maryland and Virginia. The tri-state market has more than 40 rinks and 50 patches of ice.

But there’s another reason youth hockey thrives in the DC area: the Learn to Play Future Caps program, brought to you by World Wide Technology. Since their creation at the start of the 2016-17 season, the Future Caps have introduced 6,200 children to hockey.

“We’re a very small market compared to Boston and Minnesota,” said Jessie Thompson, director of youth hockey development for the club who manages day-to-day operations for Learn to Play. “We are really proud to have been able to bring this number into the sport.”

This season, Future Caps is being held at 15 different rinks, with plans to add more in the near future. One of them is in Annapolis, home of the Navy’s youth program. An original partner since Learn to Play began, the program consistently ranks at or near the top of registrations. Of the 300 children and 17 teams ranging from 6U to 18U, nearly 75 percent are from Learn to Play.


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