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Maidan market suffers impact of India’s 2021 T20 World Cup defeat to Pakistan


The Indian cricket team’s 10 wicket defeat to rivals Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup 2021 in the United Arab Emirates had a direct impact on sales of novelty sporting goods at the famous Dr Bidhan Chandra market Roy from Kolkata, popularly known as Maidan Market on the Esplanade. Region.

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India pulled out of the T20 World Cup in the group stage and the public response to the ongoing T20 series between India and New Zealand has been lukewarm by Kolkata standards. On Sunday evening, the third T20 international between India and New Zealand will be played at the famous Eden Gardens, just 500 meters from the Maidan Market.

Normally, the area around Maidan Market would be buzzing with activity, but the more than five decades old market now looks deserted.

While COVID crippled business in 2020, India’s performance at the 2021 T20 World Cup did not help traders in Maidan market, who sell t-shirts from almost every national team and top clubs international.

The Maidan Market is said to be the hub for counterfeit jerseys. Previously they were imported from Southeast Asia, mainly Bangkok, but now with advancements in technology and printing, the shirts are made locally and sold at low prices.

“Until October 23, the sale was good. We sell around 40-50 jerseys per day. But after India’s loss on Sunday October 24 against Pakistan, the sale fell sharply, ”said Mohammad Yusuf, owner of Zoya Sports. Outlook.


“Shortly after the Indian 2021 T20 World Cup jersey was revealed, we brought in the stock and the response has been very good. But with India’s loss to Pakistan and then New Zealand, the enthusiasm for replica shirts collapsed. Nowadays we only sell three or four swimsuits a day, ”said Yusuf, who has run his stall in Maidan Market for 22 years.

Imteyaz of Roshni Sports said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us hard, and then for the past two years no big team is playing in Calcutta, whether it’s cricket or football. It had an impact on our business. Even the IPL Kolkata Knight Riders team hasn’t played on their Eden home ground for the past two seasons.

Kolkata has been off the sporting map of India for the past two years. While KKR hasn’t played here for a while, the city’s famous soccer teams – ATK Mohun Bagan and East Bengal – play Goa due to restrictions on bio-bubbles. Most football fans watch the matches digitally and the fun of going to a club sporting stadium is gone.


“Earlier, in the good times, we would have sold around 150-200 replica jerseys in a day. But now there is nothing. No takers these days. There is also no enthusiasm for the India vs New Zealand game, ”added Imteyaz.

Wasi Sports’ Mushtaq Ahmed didn’t even know India was playing New Zealand at Eden Gardens.

“Mujhe abhi aapse pata chala ki India ka match hai (I heard from you that India is playing at Eden Gardens on Sunday),” Mushtaq said.

Mushtaq also lamented that even if Eden Gardens had gotten around four-five IPL games this year, things would have been better for them. “We would have recovered our losses suffered last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” Mushtaq said. But IPL took place in the UAE in 2020 and 2021.

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