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Paul Klein: “I love to look in the crowd and see the LANY fans dressed like us”


Japan’s vintage selection is the best in the world. I’ve never seen anything like it. There is so much American clothing out there, it’s crazy. I don’t know why, maybe because of WWII, but there is so much going on there. It’s really strange. It’s as if our old T-shirts had been sent there.

We played at the Hangout Festival and I was barefoot. So it’s not me and I don’t care. Why was I barefoot?

My LANY band mate, Jake, has a crazy sartorial sense. It inspires me to push mine even further.

Pharrell’s clothing is first rate, divine level. I always can’t wait to see her outfits. They are always so awesome. A $ AP Rocky also dresses very well. Brad Pitt has also become a real style icon for me. Most recently because he’s been so nonchalant and he’s got an amazing grunge thing going on. It’s so natural.

Stage outfits are the subject of many thoughts. I don’t have the luxury of having six suitcases and a stylist for the tour, but I like to create something compelling, authentic, and tasteful. I like to look in the crowd and see people dressed like us because that means they really like what I do. It’s cool to see fans emulate your style.

I have really curly hair. I just bleached it and it changes all the DNA in the hair. I just brushed my hair and it’s immediately scary now. I have a lot of hair and it’s thick and curly so I can’t really shampoo it. I use conditioner every day instead to make sure it’s clean. When I use shampoo, it gets greasy and now it isn’t at all. I did one last shampoo before 2020. A year and a half ago, it might have been the last time.

Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate is amazing. It’s one of the only skin care products I’ve ever used that really makes a difference.

I am big on skin care. I use Ole Henriksen Skin Care Vitamin C Brightening Serum and love Supergoop! Solar cream.

I started painting my nails in 2018 on the one hand. I would only do my left hand. I was all about the chips and looked really mean. Then I started doing both hands, then in early 2020 I had my first real manicure. They did gel and nail art. I have a checkerboard pattern. Then Saint Laurent took me out for the show in 2020 and I painted our album name on my nails, but no one knew Mom’s son was the title of the album at the time. It was like an Easter egg.

I should probably start using other makeup. I don’t have any other than in photoshoots, but I see the value of it. I’m naturally tired and it shows right in front of my eyes, so I have to tackle it.

I don’t know how many tattoos I have. They are everywhere. Usually my favorite is always the last one I have. But my old piano teacher, who is no longer alive, was a shining light in my life. Mrs. Barbi without the ‘e’, ​​so I got the Barbie logo tattooed. This is the only tattoo I have in memory of anyone. She taught me for 13 years, I owe her a lot.

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