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Stone Roses inspires the dream of personalized merchandise in Carlisle


Fanatic of the Manchester band, Mark Lindsay was inspired to start producing his own custom merchandise and clothing after attending the memorable Stone Roses warm-up concert at the Sands Center in 2016.

Mark, who now dreams of starting his own custom merchandise business, took over Pop Up 29 at Stanwix, Carlisle for a week to showcase his work.

The Love Threads brand – inspired by the song “Love Spreads” by Stone Roses – features a range of replica clothing worn by artists and band members.

Mark said, “Believe it or not, it’s just a hobby for me.

“A lot of them are models that friends gave me. When I get the [embroidery] machine it will be done.

“My dream is to be able to make embroidered merchandise from different groups.”

Although he is a huge fan of Stone Roses – having seen them 16 times during their reunion – Mark also produces a range of designs based on different bands and artists, including The Charlatans and Gerry Cinnamon.

One of the centerpieces of Mark’s exhibit is a stunning replica leather jacket, based on the one worn by Ian Brown.

The replica of the Ian Brown jacket from the pop-up store Love Threads is a prototype

It’s not just custom music products that Mark offers either.

The pop-up store also featured replica retro football shirts and TV items, such as replica jackets inspired by the design of those worn by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character Charlie Kelly.

The growing interest in retro products and merchandise is something Mark has taken note of over the years and said it is something to be excited about.

He said: “When Oasis broke up and the Stone Roses got back together, it got mental.

“They want all the clothes and the t-shirts, and they want all the original stuff. It’s amazing and awesome to see so many people getting into the trend. ”

Pop Up 29 is rented by a different tenant each week and gives them the opportunity to test their business ideas before developing them.

He said, “I couldn’t have done it any other way. I have looked at the stores in town, but the corporate rates are amazing.

“I couldn’t afford it.

News and Star: Mark Told Pop-Up 29 to Stanwix, Carlisle Gave Him the Perfect Opportunity to Showcase His Business Mark told Pop-Up 29 at Stanwix, Carlisle gave him the perfect opportunity to showcase his business

“If it hadn’t been for this, I would still be online hoping to do it. I think when I got the embroidery machine I would look to get a local.

“To show people that you can do it and then they trust you. That’s a great thing.”

Check out Mark’s merchandise on the Love Threads Clothing Facebook page.

You can also check out the Love Threads Clothing website here.

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