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The most essential equipment to start cycling – Bike Hacks


Thousands of people love to watch the cycling championships. There are so many of them that it is difficult to select the winner even if the fan is betting on 22Bet mobile professionally.

But cycling is not only entertaining, but also useful for our physical and mental state. It’s not a cheap treat and not everyone can afford it.

But if you have the desire and the means, it can become not only a hobby but also a professional activity. Now, buying a bike is no longer enough. To fully enjoy the ride, you must prepare carefully and obtain the necessary equipment.


Cycling equipment begins at this point. It will be a kind of injury insurance. That is why experienced cyclists recommend not to save on head protection. They insist on buying a quality helmet so that cycling is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Protective glasses

Most people don’t think it is necessary to buy safety glasses. In their opinion, they create discomfort while driving. In fact, everything is different. Special glasses protect from the sun, dust, wind, rain and stones that fly under the wheels of cars.

Lack of protective glasses negatively affects the eyes. The mucous membrane quickly dries up or, on the contrary, is subjected to intense tearing. Beginners are recommended to buy inexpensive glasses. They must be worn in all weather.

Cycling clothing

There is no need to purchase special clothing designed for cyclists. A beginner might be limited to cycling shorts and a regular T-shirt. The main thing is that the clothes fit tightly to the body and do not restrict movement.

It is important for cyclists to have a few inexpensive t-shirts in their closets that absorb moisture well.

Particular attention must be paid to the shorts. Cyclists recommend buying the most expensive bike shorts if possible, since a cheap analogue causes discomfort while riding. So it is worth giving preference to clothes of famous brands.

Clothing for cycling in the cold season should consist of 3 layers:

  • Its number increases according to the season.
  • Waterproof exterior.

Most often for the cold season cyclists choose cycling pants, gloves, jackets or swimsuits Do not necessarily buy professional clothes. The main thing is that it keeps warm, does not get wet and has good ventilation.


To ride faster and more comfortably, it is best to buy travel shoes with pedal attachments. To a beginner, this may seem uncomfortable and impractical. Indeed, road shoes significantly improve the quality of driving.


Sometimes you have to ride a bike in the dark. For such an occasion, it is necessary to bring flashlights. LEDs are bright which makes them eye-catching. In addition, they are easy and simple to remove from the bike.


When starting to ride a bicycle, few people think about flat tires and mechanical damage. But any experienced cyclist knows that you can’t go on the road without tools. Various accidents happen while driving and can ruin the ride. No one wants to ride a bike with a flat tire for several miles.

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, you must have a toolkit with you. It should include:

  • A small pump (you can attach it to the frame of the bike).
  • Assembly tools.
  • Cycling tubes.
  • Equipment for repairing flat tires.


The more expensive the bike, the less likely you are to find pedals in the kit. As this object is considered personal, each cyclist collects it individually, like shoes. Beginners are advised to purchase a pair of comfortable yet lightweight pedals.

Bike rack

This is another piece of equipment, which should not be left unattended. At first, beginners will not understand the need to buy a bicycle rack, but quickly notice its necessity. This is especially true for those who ride every day.

In order not to lose interest in riding, the pros recommend going beyond the usual course. It is difficult to do this by bicycle, so you will have to use a car. Even 20 minutes by car can help you discover new, unexplored places.

To go on a trip, the bicycle must be placed in the car. A bicycle rack is ideal for this task. It can be placed on the roof or behind the car. Experienced cyclists recommend using the second option.

In their opinion, it is much faster and easier to remove the bike from the car.

A water bottle

It is the simplest piece of equipment, which is often forgotten. Water is necessary to drink every 15-20 minutes, so it should be in the hand of the cyclist. Otherwise, the process of dehydration will come quickly.

A water bottle should be attached to the frame. This is the most suitable place for it, because it will not interfere during the walk. The main thing is to choose the right accessory, which will correspond to the size of the bottle.

Cycling requires special preparation. In order to make the trip as comfortable and safe as possible, it is necessary to have the right equipment. It should be remembered that the absence of a single item can ruin the entire journey.


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