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US News names the best retirement homes for 2021-2022 | Press room


Washington DC – US News & World Report, the global healthcare ranking authority, released 2021-22 today Best retirement homes. As nursing homes and care facilities across the country continue to battle the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, US News remains at the forefront of providing data-driven information and advice to help residents, families and caregivers understand their long-term and short-term care options. .

The 12th edition of US News Best Nursing Homes combines comprehensive care information, COVID-19 vaccination requirements for residents and staff, influenza and pneumonia vaccination rates, and infection control violations listed in the Resident Safety Summary. Individuals can easily perform personalized searches for a highly rated nursing home by location, size, and Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

This year’s methodology emphasizes homes that meet certain patient safety standards, which may limit a home’s ability to achieve a “high performance” rating. These standards include a minimum threshold for staff vaccination rate against COVID-19, overuse of antipsychotics and frequent emergency room visits, among other criteria. Homes that have a COVID-19 staff vaccination rate of less than 75% are not considered a premier facility. A significant percentage of short-term rehabilitation and long-term care programs that would otherwise have been labeled “high yield” were downgraded at the time of publication.

“US News prides itself on providing relevant and up-to-date information when making healthcare decisions,” said Zach Adams, US News healthcare data engineer. “The profiles now include the vaccination rates of residents and staff against COVID-19 as well as information on how to pay for a facility. This important information can help families, residents and caregivers make a decision that keeps safety and accessibility a top priority.

This year, California has the highest number on the list, with 201 nursing homes receiving a High Performing Rating in Short-Term Rehabilitation and 94 designated as High Performing in Long-Term Care, followed by New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York. and Pennsylvania. Hawaii and the District of Columbia have the highest proportion of best nursing homes with at least half of all Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing homes in those states receiving a designation of high performance in short-term rehabilitation or care. long term, or both. In Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware, at least one-third of nursing homes in their state have achieved a high performance rating.

The best retirement home search engine offers long and short term care reviews. The Long-Term Care Assessment provides families and potential residents who need help with daily activities with analyzes and information regarding the quality of care provided by nursing homes. This knowledge, along with that of a doctor and home visits, can help families make the best choice for their loved ones. The assessment includes data on staffing, success in preventing emergency room visits, and pneumonia vaccination rates, among other measures. Of the 13,175 nursing homes that received a long-term care rating, 1,063 were designated as high performing. The acute care assessment incorporates measures of quality, including consistency of RN staff, use of antipsychotic medications, and success in preventing falls. For 2021-2022, 13,500 establishments received a short-term rating, while only 1,651 houses obtained a high performance rating.

The Best Nursing Homes reflects US News’ analysis of data collected and released by the federal government using a methodology defined by US News that assesses the factors that US News has determined have the most impact on the care, safety and results of residents. All measurements for both ratings were developed from publicly available data from CMS from July 2021. COVID-19 vaccine information reflects publicly available data from October 2021. For more information on this year’s updates and new assessments, please refer to methodology. US News also presents Assisted Living Communities, which in many cases provide services that overlap with traditional nursing homes.

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