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What you missed (and missed) at the special Warstic opening festival


There was more going on at the opening of Warstic Sports Inc, including a special performance by Jack White.

Two hours before the opening, a special combination of baseball and rock fans lined up outside Warstic Sports Inc. with baseball bats, jerseys, guitars and White Stripes vinyl records for the grand opening of the all-new Deep Ellum’s sporting goods store.

A crowd of fans circled the front door just after noon as Hot Men, Dallas graphic designer Ben Jenkins, retired baseball player and former Texas Rangers Ian Kinsler and icon rock’n roll Jack White, greeted the crowd. Sporting her unmistakable, combed blue hair, White cut the ceremonial ribbon right up to the doors of the multi-functional and interactive installation.

Photo by Stéphanie Salas-Vega

“Having everything under one roof to really show a good connection, come and see what this business is all about, what we’re trying to accomplish and be a part of it too,” White said during the Instagram live session. Warstic before appearing to the public. “And to be able to get into a place not just a place to buy a t-shirt or something, it’s a place where you’re going to be outfitted for a bat where you can make a custom bat here, where you can buy a new one. baseball glove or have a coach teach you new batting techniques.

Fans were treated with a festival of events including sports clinics, guest speakers, a youth baseball game and a celebrity game between White Bison from White and Gold Hawks from Kinsler.

“I mean, there are so many people who have helped us get there,” Jenkins told the crowd. “It’s crazy.”

Once inside the flagship 8,000 square foot headquarters, fans were immediately drawn to the variety of Warstic’s uniquely designed baseball “stics” for which the brand is known. But the small storefront is only part of the experience. This awe-inspiring store is home to a training and education center, a custom-made wooden bat design studio and factory, a cafe, sweatshop and more.

Photo by Juan Betancourt

White may have been the main draw, but fans enjoyed watching current and former Major League Baseball players hitting baseballs in the Battle Hall, the store’s training center, and dedicate a range of merchandise in the Hall’s canoe.

Better yet, the event was also a Rangers reunion with former shortstop Elvis Andrus, who currently plays for the Oakland Athletics, retired outfielder David Murphy and retired infielder Michael Young and Kinsler. . It was a reminder that these Ranger legends helped the team reach back to back World Series.

It was good times for the Rangers fans.

Fans also got to see the comedic successes of retired Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden, who, if you remember, pitched a perfect game, the 19th in MLB history. The rising stars of baseball who appeared were Brent Rooker, an outfielder and first baseman for the Minnesota Twins and Jake Mangum, who is currently the outfielder for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, a Double-A affiliate of the Mets major league club. from New York. .

Photo by Juan Betancourt

Then all eyes were on White who changed to his black striped white Warstic uniform to compete ahead of the celebrity sandlot match.

After White hit a few baseballs, fans again waited to see if he was going to sign autographs. White eventually made his way to the crowd where fans flocked to him in hopes he would sign the White Stripes vinyl and solo albums.

Photo by Juan Betancourt

Following batting practice, fans headed to Texas Rangers Youth Academy where White’s White Bison defeated the Kinsler Gold Hawks.

Also on the opening day, Warstic’s Twitter announced White was going to give a private show in the basement of the sweatshop and three lucky fans were lucky enough to watch the performance.

The evening ended with a private performance by White. Unfortunately, since the performance was private, fans were only able to watch the performance outside the store where a flat screen TV was installed outside of Warstic. White performed a setlist of familiar songs such as “Lazaretto”, “We’re Going To Be Friends” and of course every sports fan’s favorite, “Seven Nation Army”.

Who knows, maybe Warstic’s opening ceremony made you a bigger baseball fan than White, which you probably won’t be.

Edit: An earlier version of this story mistakenly identified one of the guests at the Warstic opening event as Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. It turns out that it was another handsome bearded man, Craig Rich, who is part of the Warstic Sandlot team and has been introduced as “Bradley Cooper”, his nickname.

Header photo by Juan Betancourt.


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